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A Romantic Serenade

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Author Comments

The participants of the Flash Flood Fiveā„¢ have a message for the NewGrounds community! Good game, guys, see you in the locker room.


Song from (and cartoon based on) the late YourAllGay.com, made by... some guy from B3ta.

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PhantomCat responds:

Mom says she wishes you were adopted.


Clarinet Fulp was majestic

PhantomCat responds:

The moral of the story: don't make Flash, you'll get banned.

YES! I CAN fulp to this.

PhantomCat responds:

I'm just as surprised he could play whatever instrument that is as you are

excellent cartoon!
i enjoyed this alot, and it was a clever (and beautiful) remake of the olde film ''you're gay'' by tehgayman, a user who did funny silly toons.
(i think you showed me his cartoons a few days ago)

no matter what, a nice entourage of troppy, pop-tart, rob, and wobbuffet, was singing the epic beat, and Tom was there was as a surprise guest! epic job!
i think you should've added wade as well, but ok.

the only thing missing was a bb10, but oh well....

good flash, do more.

PhantomCat responds:

Well, it had the top four flooders.

(Okay, I just forgot you and Renny. SORRYYYYY)

Immense. A true zenith in Flash animation.

PhantomCat responds:

Thanks, I'm an idea parasite.