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Ironed Out

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Join the worlds best Dad and his perfect family. Today they try to Iron Out a hot issue involving there son who would rather be smoking fat blunts than following in Dads footsteps.

This Soul Plate warming story will be sure to leave you with a permanent impression on what it means to be perfect.

Youtube: http://youtu.be/dQCzBVuM2M0

Credits & Role

Smashing Atoms: | Storyboard | Script | Animation| Voice of Dad| Photographer | Hand Model|

Retrosleep: | Character Design & Rigging| Animation| Voice of Son & Daughter|

Undercard: | Voice of Mom |

Model home courtesy of the Swedish designers at IKEA.

Introduction Song: Juicy Oranges In Drag - mation-moron

Credit Song: Gone, Completely Mad - Basset-Hound

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very boring, voice acting was absolutely terrible

Proud to be and wrinkle free

the characters are pretty flat. You could also iron out some pacing issues and mixing so that voices dont mush togather . And maybe do some training with your dad voice. didnt think it was that funny but i got it , i like the medium though i thin if you tighten up the editing and work on some pacing with dialogue it will work out

RetroSleep responds:

Well, We decided to make a sequel and your review pretty much sums up what we want to do while creating the next installment. Thanks for the review! Very insightful.

When I became too much for my family to handle they sent me to go live with my nana. I guess I got off easy.

RetroSleep responds:

Really? My parents always told me they where gonna unplug me if I was bad :[

The dad was smokin a spleef. 5 stars for that, bro.

RetroSleep responds:

Right? That was a last minute change, and it was the best choice we ever made.