Coin Apocalypse

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Amateur Coin Getter 25 Points

Collect 5,000 lifetime coins!

Amateur High Scorer 25 Points

Get a high score of 10,000!

Amateur Scorer 25 Points

Get 100,000 lifetime score!

Background Collector 50 Points

Get all backgrounds!

Hat Enthusiast 50 Points

Get all hats!

Pro Coin Getter 50 Points

Collect 20,000 lifetime coins!

Pro High Scorer 50 Points

Get a high score of 50,000!

Pro Scorer 50 Points

Get 300,000 lifetime score!

Author Comments

Coin Apocalypse v1.4.
(Please clear your browser's cache [not your cookies] in case the game still remains at v1.0 as seen in About Page)

"Vandenn Games has brought us an interesting new game which will test your skills and reflexes." -MouseCrusher Games

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Version 1.4 Notes:

1. The meteor slow upgrade was a weird one and it acted strange when upgraded so I fixed it. :D
*Meteor upgrade normalized.


Version 1.3 Notes:

1. Another bug fix. :)
*Fixed the bug where Lifetime Scores would get stuck. Shouldn't be a problem now. :D


Version 1.2 Notes:

1. Stupid programming skills on my part. Fixed the Insta-Coin Skill. :))

*Insta-Coin skill now gives 300 coins when used.

2. To address the need for vertical motion control, I've added a few features and tweaks to the game.

*NEW CONTROL: Press "S" to increase gravity's pull when in mid-air.
*Meteor speed decreases twice than before. (Previously -10 per level, now -20.)
*Meteor speed decrease prices lowered.

3. For those just starting out with the game, I changed the initial amount of coins from 100 to 500. ;)

*Initial coin amount is now 500. (from 100)

4. Data is now saved in accordance to achievements unlocked. (e.g. Unlocked Pro Scorer = Lifetime Score becomes 300,000 automatically) I figured out that if someone's save file were to be erased, his/her achievements will be saved when he/she logs in.

*Achievement data is saved.


Version 1.1 Notes:

1. A lot of you reviewed that the game's pacing in terms of collecting coins is too slow and utterly tedious. So I've done the following to try to relieve that. :) [Sorry, Top Coin Collectors :(]

*INSTA-COIN now gives 300 coins instantly. (100 coins before)
*INSTA-COIN's cooldown reduced to 80. (from 100)
*Coins double after the 500 score mark.
*Coins triple after the 1000 score mark.
*Coins are quadruple after 2000 score mark.
*Meteor speed after 2000 decreased.

2. Another major comment you guys had was with the player's sluggishness. I am also attempting to fix that in this version with the following:

*Player's base movement speed increased.
*Player's base jump slightly increased.
*Gravity's pull increased.

Play this simple but super fun game called "Coin Apocalypse"!

Collect coins while avoiding the meteors!
Use the coins to upgrade your stats or buy hats and backgrounds!

Featuring the awesome music of Matthew Pablo!

*Feel free to leave constructive feedback and reviews. They help me a lot. :D And PM me/add a comment on what you want to see in the game and I MIGHT add it in future versions. ;)

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Yeah this game has no medals resubmit functionality that I can find. That's especially bad when some of the medals take a very long time to achieve!

Do you know how grindy it is to get the Pro High Scorer medal only to have it *NOT* award on-profile due to some stupid medals connection timeout issue combined with zero medals resubmit functionality that is entirely the game's fault? Also I was cheated out of Pro Coin Getter due to that as well!

The game is 100% grind and very little skill.

I like the artwork and the way the game is designed. The gameplay is smooth and if you get hurt chances are it's your fault. There are a plethora of things to collect, which it really fun, but achieving the high scores seems to take a long time. The medals are a good addition and work very well with this game. Would have preferred more of them with a game this time consuming. The music was also decent on the game. The addition of high scores is also great. Overall a pretty good game.

Everything that is in this game is superb. All of the elements play extremely well together. The music provides a relaxed counterbalance to the hectic gameplay. The only 2 things which I think knock off points are: 1. (biggest problem in my opinion) The unoriginal idea; there are a million games like this, and there doesn't seem to be any factor setting this particular game apart and 2. (my personal problem) The hit box for the flaming projectiles is just a tad too big. This makes a close escape impossible and can cut a good run short.

What is there is, for the most part, flawless, and what isn't there is damaging to the game. At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and I'm glad that I clicked on it.

Nice game and songs. Simple and relaxing.
The kind that just wants you to keep playing.
Probably, it'll be better if we aren't only avoiding meteors and there are more worth-taking upgrades.
Only my opinion though.

This was a fun game, rewarding in both upgrades that serve a purpose and those who don't, like the backgrounds and caps. The most expensive weren't always my favorite (I like the snowy forest and the desert most, I think) but it was great having some variation in the otherwise somewhat limited environment. I love the pixel style of graphics, and the gameplay idea is simple fun, even if it stops feeling purposeful once everything is upgraded to max and all the medals are attained (which takes a reasonable amount of time). Glad you sorted out all the bugs btw, thanks for a good play; looking forward to more!


Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2014
8:49 AM EST
Skill - Avoid