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Knightality is an addicting and very challenging adventure, fight against monsters slash them all with your sword. Collect the diamonds and grab the keys to unlock the doors. Find the hidden rooms with extra lives and diamonds. In this adventure you have to help the brave knight to save the princess who is taken by the monsters. Find and defeat the end boss to save her. Collect as many points as possible and submit your highscore.
WASD to move. Arrow keys to attack.

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I think this game is fantastic. The only improvements I could think of is creating a bit more line of sight (The part of the map that is visible is a bit on the small side), and ramping up the difficulty a bit.

Fun game. Most of its pretty easy, and then occasionally BOOM where did this rough shit come from? It gets a little monotonous toward the end, only to blindside the player with a pretty nasty final boss. I think it could do with more sensible pacing.

I can actually use the bombs but they are not always effective because the enemy is sometimes too far away to get damaged from the explosion.

Too simple, no upgrade?

Nothing special, unless the concept of 4 way moving dungeon knight game that have perspective from upward.... just like Zelda.

Enemy move simply WAY TOO FAST, some are way too aggressive.
Warlock have more HP than undead knight? are you serious?
I let that aside.... only two more problem.

You cant hit for a while after getting hit, yet enemy keep attacking like trains, this is annoying!
plus, the greatest problem, LAG LEVEL OVER 9000!!

well simple solid game, too simple with no story whatsoever (even if it does, everything there is obviously more than generic old RPG setting, dragon kidnap the princess bla bla bla, even the king said exactly that word on the cutscene....)

it reminds me of binding of isaac. and yes you need upgrades. the idea with the ambush is great. The bombs seems useless to me, but maybe it's only me who can't use them right.