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College University pt 6-1

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After a long off-season, College University is back!
Episode 6-1 is the first part in a two part series that has the boys looking at life after college, after the bong hits and after the beer- They need to look forward so they can get a good job and buy better beer...

If the episode starts to play out of sync (voices not matching up with the animation) just right click and pause the movie for a second- the sound catches up and everything goes back to normal without missing a joke- Thanks and enjoy!!

Thanks to everyone for watching and voting- such a great response!!! We really appreciate all the support and we're working on the conclusion as fast as we can!!!!

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wird i was lising to who let the dogs out today and its friday and am getting petiza

Where's my quiz?

I have never seen any episode of College University. Strange that this is the sixth season. Hmmm. Well I can certainly say withought a doubt, that this is grade A funny shit.

That video that showed made it seem like the 50's with the 90's with total awesomeness. I don't know where to begin. Let's start with the voices. He has the stareyotypical 50's thing making everything seem nice about the university.

And everything does look nice. Even the classes do. I'm thinking about taking a double major in Sandwich Repair and Commie Bastard. What do you think?

Some minor questions though. How come there was no quiz at the end? Why is this related to science? Why do they need to viewit if they are already enrolled?

Enough about those though. What I want to end this review with is simply a few final words. I want to-go-to-College-University-right-now .

Super Funny!

Super funny loved the kermit thing. I found at times though that the sound was not synched well to the animation. But still made me laugh. I have to agree with some other reviews, it had a real 'Simpsons' like art style as well. Anyways, Great movie, Keep up the amazing work.


Another great episode and a grand start to an episode trilogy, heh. Good graphics, good animation and a hillarious plot as well. Scenry is a bit simple, but otherwise all is good. Keep it up!



Well, I didn't really laugh the entire time until the joke right at the end, but I laughed hard. :D Hahaha, kermit. That was great... I feel bad for the blonde guy, so out of the loop. ;)