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Spider-Man's Day Off

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Spider-Man finds out that he has an unexpected day off work and proceeds to get drunk and swing around the city. Come to think of it, he's kind of a loose cannon...

Big thanks to Mustache Wax for providing all of the voices in this cartoon. Look out for more collaborations between us in the future!

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get better at making stuff or STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The animation was great--loved the accuracy to the 1960s design. But the jokes fell flat. I wasn't sure if Spider-Man's beer run or alley-oops were supposed to be jokes, and the gag about "an old friend dropped by" relied too much on emphasizing that it was a joke--the close up, the laugh track, etc. If you have to point out to your audience that a joke is a joke, nix it.

oh I'm sad. I thought he was ognna whip his dong out and go loop di loo-ing... and then.. Jameson... should have donned the Mask. sadness.

The opening cracked me up, with the cold opening with the field that goes right into the load screen.

Fairly bland parody it has to be said. I think something more imaginative could've been done with the whole idea of what Spiderman does when he's not solving crimes.