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Flappy Valentine

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This idea popped into my head a few days ago; surprised that nobody else had done something with it I have since then been hard at work crafting... something... flappy. A belated Flappy Valentine to you all!

If you're not tired of all other Flappy look-alikes and spin-offs by now - enjoy! If you are then... what are you doing here? Didn't get the hint in the title?


- Wait for it... get ready... shouldn't take too long to load...
- Click or use keyboard (any button) to play.
- If you fall out of the picture, admire the stunning visual artistry and optionally click to try again.
- Press SPACE to mute (preferably on the visually stunning menu or you might fly into a pillar).

Highscores should be submitted automatically as your heart crashes and burns, with three highscores you can keep track of: one for skill (Highs), one for skill and endurance (Totals) and one for those who just never give up or have way too much time on their hands (Crashes).

Btw, when I mention 'Happy Flappy' as inspiration I am referring to the original game, didn't think there was a game with that name also. The Flappy alternations are endless!

Size: 1,3 MB

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It's a good take on flappy bird. It's still a ripoff, but a good one with an original take on it. It's like a remix. It's not just copying, it's using something else to make something good.

Cyberdevil responds:

I'd call this a spin-off, not a 'blatant copy or imitation' (as ripoff's defined) but as you say a new take on the original idea. Nothing's copied apart from half the title. ;) Glad you liked it though!

YES! I now hold the all time high score! I've finally done something with my life! Any way nice Flappy bird clone and really like the sound score. Where is it from? Is it you, because it if it is lots of creds to you for composing and writing such a lovely song ^^

Cyberdevil responds:

Woo! Well you held the all time high score for a while. ;) Thanks; the song is Kingbastard - Not Another Love song. It's listed under credits, left hand side under author info. People keep asking, does nobody look there anymore? :P It's an old favorite btw, glad I finally made some submission where it fit.

I suck at AS xD Tutorial plz?

Cyberdevil responds:

Hey same here, I read one to make this. :P Thanks!

Cyber Devil! This is Flappy Bird that is relaxing instead of annoying. And the music... wow. Conclusion... I like it. Good job.

Cyberdevil responds:

That's what I aimed for. :) Thanks!

A cool game And graphics too

Cyberdevil responds: