Dark Horror Room Escape

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This is the 10 th escape for xtragamingz.com Dark Horror House Escape new online game from xtragamingz. finding all the clues in the room. Use all the objects and escape from the Dark Horror House.Play this game in xtragamingz.com and keep supporting us to give more good games. Walkthrough- http://goo.gl/W8TbWJ URL: http://goo.gl/rZx6L4


I appreciated that while it wasn't childishly simple that the puzzles weren't frustrating and time consuming. I love photographic games and the music was decent, although it wasn't really living up to it's title because it wasn't scary.

There was no horror element to it at all. Pictures of toon demons aren't scary, the music was far too relaxing and cheerful, and writing 'horror' out in books doesn't buy you a free ticket to labeling a game under horror.

Where was the blood? Where was the unsettling ambiance? Where was the terrifying abandoned, old doll? Bones of dead people? Something even remotely scary to make me feel the horror? I can't even call this creepy, or spooky. More like the living room of a wealthy man who has an interest in cartoon pictures of demons, really.

You can't just tack on any adjective you see fit. There is an art to each adjective, and you dropped the ball on this one.

For me,this puzzle game is solid and how to say.."light"...no brain torture,to get stuck...in that sense.If you want real challenge,there is other sites with puzzle games only.

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Well.... it was an effort.
While there was essentially still a puzzle to solve, my opinion is still that it could be a lot more, and that more effort certainly would do it good.

Graphics- I have nothing against bad graphics, especially in puzzle games, but the problem here, I feel, is the lack of consistency. If you wanna make it 2D, by all means, go ahead, but mixing graphic styles causes a few problems, namely that it highlights areas that can be clicked, which is detrimental in a game where much of the fun inolves, well, figuring out where to click.

Sound- It was.... poorly matched, especially for a game that has 'horror' in the title.

Gameplay- I felt that it was too easy, but I suppose everyone has their difficulty levels.
Another thing was that the objects in the inventory can only be interacted with withing their specific drawings, instead of, say, being contained in an invisible square.

With all that, I'd say this was a poorly fashioned game, and could certainly be something more.

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2.19 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2014
2:13 AM EST
Puzzles - Other