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Vegeta VS Mewtwo (short)

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This is the short animation i done in 4 days.
been asked by SILVERMANIA Show ( http://www.youtube.com/user/SilvermaniaShow ) for a collaboration video and so he liked it and he putted on the list.
Oh and there a one frame problem if you have noticed at 0:07, i didnt missed it up, it was just a bug from the conversion, but just ignore that. or you can watch the flash version : http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/61d79f17f6adf6c2816ae29968b1b0de

youtube version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEjNW_y0yh0&feature=youtu.be&a

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Pretty good!

The animation was solid, voice work was excellent. Movie was quite the feat... but I'd would steer clear from DBZ, considering it's pretty redundant here in NG.

SPANGLESNG responds:

excellent voice work ? i just yelled and grunted, didnt expected to read that opinion. so yeah, thanks!

Not in a really bad way but.....shitty ending. Otherwise you had some very nice action play going on in the fight and I look forward to seeing you submit more action videos of various "V.S." fights.

SPANGLESNG responds:

thank you. sorry to dissapoint you about the ending, i could do better, but i had not many and soong will make a remake or better one.

Solid work for 4 days :).

SPANGLESNG responds:

thanks =)

Awesome work mang, the style is great. You've got the motion-blur and speed scenes down pat! I can''t really think of the words to convey how much I enjoyed this. Keep 'em coming, can't wait to observe the evolution of your animating and see where you end up since you're already so good.

SPANGLESNG responds:

thanks man, i'll keep practicing more.

This was a good action, good animation but just to say, most fans will disagree with the ending but, just do you

SPANGLESNG responds:

I know. i'm aware but i don't care if they disagree or agree, i mean, its just animation. No big deal, just for fun. Thank you.