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Flap in a Gap

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Swoop in on this new wing flapping bird game, flappy flap and squeeze yourself into the tiny gaps between the pipes to avoid being squished flat as a pancake.
Flap into as many gaps as you can! and fly to the top of the online high-score list!
A master flapper may survive all 100 gaps and win the game!
This is not "Flappy Bird" or "Man in Gap", This is Flap in a Gap!
Awesome retro style game, with crushingly hard action.

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tip for how to play flappy bird games: press space/w/up arrow to go up.

An interesting take on Flappy Bird!

this is a well made game. yes a little like flappy bird but still great. can get very confusing for people with slower hand eye cordination (ie me) knowing which pipes are not going to squish you can be hard and they like to play tricks on your eyes. all in all a good game and addictive

hey at least it not flappy bird. i love the game

As all the others said. I expected a ripoff, but it was actually a pretty good and original game.