Word Quest

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10 words 5 Points

Create 10 words

15 words 5 Points

Create 15 words

4 letters 5 Points

Create a word from 4 letters

5 words 5 Points

Create 5words

First word 5 Points

Find at least 1 word

20 words 10 Points

Create 20 words

5 letters 10 Points

Create a word from 5 letters

5 seconds 10 Points

create the first word in 5 seconds from the start!

3 seconds 25 Points

Create the first word in 3 seconds from the start

30 words 25 Points

Create 30 words

6 letters 25 Points

Create a word from 6 letters

40 words 50 Points

Create 40 words

7 letters 50 Points

Create a word from 7 letters

8 letters 50 Points

Create a word from 8 letters

100 words 100 Points

Create 100 words

9 letters 100 Points

Create a word from 9 letters

Author Comments

2014-02-26 Added more medals!
2014-02-20 Added medals!
Choose your letters and rely on luck! With letters at hand create as many words as you can within 90 seconds! Each word created will increase a limit! The longer the words you give the higher your score will be! Go for highscores!

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if its on luck you rely on, I have no luck at all. and sometimes I put in right words, but it says I'm not right, which I am. but otherwise its really good game.

shajby responds:

Thank you for your comment. The game contains more than 170K most common English words but it can not cover all the English words so sometimes it can happen that your word is not recognized (hopefully this is just a case of < 1% of words or less). I m glad you enjoyed the game!

There's a few areas where this game falls short.

First off, you are given 10 letters yet the highest words the game accepts is 9 letter words. I found a word "Recounting" which uses up all 10 letters and yet, no credit. I realize it's harder and harder to make larger words but that seems a bit of a gyp to receive absolutely no credit for finding something amazing like that.

Also, this game is odd with censorship. It quite clearly censors certain "bad words" which clearly it understands and is intentionally blocking, since derivations of those words work just fine, but simply not the most common form.

Also to that note, some "bad words" are allowed just fine.

Might I suggest not censoring at all? Since this is a single-player game, obviously any words used would already be known by whomever is using them so it's not like you'll be teaching some kid a bunch of "bad words" such as might be the case with multiplayer variants on this idea. Whatever words someone uses are already within their vocabulary.

Nice game. I like the most, that there is tick when I make acceptable word before I must send it.

Very good word-making game with pleasant music. You make it very easy to reset the game just by hitting the "X" on top. Useful if you get a handful of crappy letters.

shajby responds:

thanks for your comment, glad you like the game :)

Awesome scrabble-based game.

What makes this game unique is that it focuses on how many words you can make, as opposed to what words you can make per the board layout.

Since there isn't actually a board, you only have to focus on making words out of the 10 letters you start with, those letters staying the whole game. So it's more of a cumulative word game than Scrabble.

The game is versatile and friendly. You can use the keyboard to enter words, which is much faster than a mouse. Although you can use the mouse if the need arises.

An idea for a game mode or sequel: Everytime you make a word, you get new random letters each time in place of the ones you just used. No limit on new letters.

Lastly, I have a high score of 12636 (currently #7 all time)

shajby responds:

thank you for your comments and new ideas!!! I will definitely put them down on a list for a potential sequel!

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3.58 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2014
6:35 AM EST
Puzzles - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place February 18, 2014