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Meepo the black rectangle goes on a journey.
i do realize the problems this game has, i'm working on a sequel for those interested and hopefully would be better than the first although the general nature of sequels is usually worse than the first. thank you all for reviewing this game and giving constructive criticism, and the generous review scores. ;)


This game is loads of fun, just add a story and maybe a bit better level design, and you got yourself a great platformer!

jeeexo responds:

thanks for the generous review.

This games ok. The graphics are ok. The the rectangle being black is fine, but it's hard to see it because the background is so dark that the rectangle blends in with it making it impossible to see where it is. Either change the color of the background to brighter colors or change the color of the rectangle.

Now as for music. The quality of the music in a game or movie will be the difference in how much and or how often I play. The music for this game I'm sorry to say is terrible. Everything used for the music clash which makes it sound rushed to me. If there is a sequel please find some way of improving the music quality.

jeeexo responds:

yeah the music was kinda last minute, i wanted to put it out and i kind of regret rushing thru it now. also, i do have to agree to you about the background. I wanted to have a dark setting, but i didn't realize that the character isn't that easy to see. i didn't do enough beta testing and just released it the second the 5 levels were finished. yes there will be a sequel and hopefully this time ill get it right.

I really envoyed, but it could be a little more minimalist with the walls, it would fit better.

jeeexo responds:

All right, thanks for your review! ;)

Good game, the controls respond well and there is a good challenge.
However it would be nice to make the jump and sprint keys a bit closer.

jeeexo responds:

I think I will add a custom control setting in the future so you could adjust the controls to your liking. Thanks for your generous review! :)

I really liked this game. Great way to waste time.

jeeexo responds:

Thanks :D

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2.55 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2014
10:46 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop