Valentines Day

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beware headphones users - i didn't play with the audio enough so i don't know how loud it is.

i didn't put any effort into this so don't assume its a masterpiece. just made it to kinda keep my skills kinda warm (what skills) enjoy the message i wish i could have sent in a better manner, but after today it'd be irrelevant so i scribbled it together.

this is pretty much what some dudes are like.

i'd rather voice act than animate because i simply don't have the patience or the ability to get what i want from my head onto the screen and moving. so message me if you're looking, this video doesn't show my voice acting ability so i'm willing to try out.

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I did not care for this. It was strange because it was just so little happening. I thought it would be a poem. Well, it didn't rhyme. I guess it could be free verse. The animation wasn't good either.

I just want more. Oh, I guess it is an infinite loop. It seems to be off. I can see why this is the lowest rated submission for Valentine's Day 2014. Well, something has to be that.

not bad movie at all
it is a loop one
cool job

Okay, who saved this piece of shit?

hahahahahaha epic , did not expect that

shredwerd responds:

thanks bud. will try to shell out some more quality videos so stay tuned.

Are you just starting out? I like the approach, but it doesn't loop very well. I'll be sure to keep an eye on your submissions because I'm absolutely sure that practice makes perfect and that you'll make better stuff down the road :)

shredwerd responds:

thanks for the honest review. its terrible but i'll work on quality, i have scripts and projects started just need some steam to continue them. :D

I have a south park parody in the works - drew the symbols and everything myself and its looking good, just gotta finish a script. my problem is i have the ability to do everything, just need to finish a good script (strong starts, lose it about half way through) and dedicate more time. LOTs of good ideas, not enough time or patience to continue. i really want to get my voice work out there because thats where i believe i really shine.

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1.27 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2014
12:33 PM EST