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Murica Eagle

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Quit just flappin' your wings, it's time to fly for Freedom!

In this "Freedom Simulation" you must guide the majestic bald eagle, John "Freedom America" Smith, through the pillars of injustice and evil oppression. His extreme goal? To spread the joy and freedom of capitalism to all his fellow bird brethren.

Help our freedom loving friend fly his way through 1 whole level of Flappy Bird style gameplay (which coincidentally never ends), toward his hypothetical arch-nemesis; Dear Super Evil Dictator Leader! (Which happens to take the form of an unreachable distance), Collect the stars of democracy and release the Wings of Freedom, every 10 stars collected allows Murica Eagle to unleash a can of woopa** on the board. Can you score the most freedom points and inscribe your name in the Hall of Patriots?

Impress your friends! Show your patriotic spirit! Wave flags! This game carries with it 50% less advertisements, and 100% more FREEDOM!

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Better than flappy bird but too easy :I

Better than flappy bird IMO. Good job- the dimensions of the game were a touch to big for my screen though.

i just didnt like it...sorry

Wow, just like flappy bird huh.? Very original, but good sound effects!

Kisguri responds:

Kinda like Flappy Birds, but with freedom. I do have original works like Tiny Trek http://www.indiedb.com/games/tiny-trek , but we wanted to do this game as a parody of Flappy, but we ended up liking what we started so we finished it up!

No. Just no. I hated flappy birds now i have some high dude too full of MERICAN spirit making a rip off of an already horrible game. 3 for unoriginality

Kisguri responds:

Hey I appreciate you giving three. It is not. Rip off, it plays different with the movement, this one is a bit more "fair" plus you can increase points by collecting stars and it has different pillar types. As you go along further in game it speeds up and the gap gets a little smaller each 10 pillars you pass.