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Before Azarel was banished from Hell, he guarded its gates. When two mormons show up looking to convert all the lost souls of the undeworld, Azarel decides to have a little fun.

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I fxxing love this!!! im def. favoriting this and becoming a fan of yours!! Im also gna send you a friend request ! Itd be awesome if you checked out my page and if you see anything you like maybe friend me too!

Well this was fun. I certainly enjoyed it more than I thought I would :3.

The premise sounded interesting enough, so I had to watch all the way through especially with Mormons involved, and I was not disappointed. The story was actually pretty fun. There was a nice amount of jokes and everything seemed to be timed well comically. I especially enjoyed the references to Greek, Christian, and Mormon mythology. Those references really added to the story and the characters. This was certainly engaging story-wise, even including a twist at the end that I certainly didn't see coming.

Like I said before, this looked like it was going to be pretty bland in the beginning, but this is mostly due to the simplistic looking art, but when the characters started moving I could see that the animation was actually pretty decent. It was fun to look at, and although the art was simplistic it did grow on me and seemed to work well with the story. Really not much to improve on, but some less simplistic drawing and better colors would be nice.

The audio was handled well. I thought the voice work and music were nicely done and fit with the animation. The voice acting was good and nice and varied, and certainly fit the characters.

Overall this was really good, though the simplistic art style does detract from the overall quality of this. Not by much though. I'd definitely like to see more of this and more from you.

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4.25 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2014
3:45 PM EST
Comedy - Original