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I did this in Flash for my class's final project. I had no knowledge of Flash before taking this class. It was designed to be a tutorial with no exposition. You play and you learn.

A big focus on this was also the tone. I used a dark shadow over the whole thing and dark music to make the game feel akin to a horror puzzle.


I as well had the issue with clipping into (getting stuck in) a wall. Without a reset of any sort I stood idly by as the shadow walked directly past me. I then proceeded to travel down the wall (because it was the only direction I could move) until I got completely stuck at which point while mashing keys the PC moon-walked through the wall and I was unstuck on the other side (the game screen did not shift with the PC) However as the shadow had already passed me I was able to then leisurely walk to the exit. I noticed he leaves a rather wide path as he walks so I decided to try it without being stuck in the wall. And you know what I found? If you position yourself on the right side of the initial corridor and walk down while he is walking up you can walk right past him. And then follow him. He doesn't turn, doesn't chase, he just follows his path. Which got me wondering what if I just set in the wrong turn? And he walks right past you again! Then I spent some time exploring before finishing things up and I found that it isn't a maze it is a loop with two halls coming off of it.

Overall It didn't do it for me. The game, as others have said, feels a bit on the slow side and it doesn't feel much like a puzzle, or a horror game (the colors are very cheery... very... disco. Indeed, disco was the end of this little jaunt. What I would recommend to make this a bit more of a game would be to do the following:

1. Make it more of a maze, there are maze generators online for free, you can use one to map your level.
2. Make it so that you can't just hide from him in plain sight, he should get you if you are standing next to him in a hall.
3. You don't have to kill the rail, but you could set it up in sections where the 'shadow' has a chance of going down a side path to look for you. Or where he always follows the path that you are on.
4. Try something other than a straight up shadow the PC, he looks like he just wants to dance, at the very least give him some red eyes. Maybe toss a jump scare in when you get caught. Just something.

I didn't get a sense of suspense or drama, the atmosphere just didn't jive. And speaking of not jiving the disco ending didn't feel like it belonged. The rating of a two is primarily because of the problem with getting stuck in the walls, the level bits that were placed together with gaps, the slow movement, and the lack of a conclusion to the game (no disco is not the answer to everything) or a way to restart (either during the game when we get stuck or after the game ends).

Solid gameplay- the lil shadow dude catching up to you if you make a mistakes - liked it.

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Not sure what's up with your collision but I managed to clip into a wall walking downward and got stuck, couldn't do anything but move down and get stuck even further.

I personally think , maze type games or the like needs to be fast-paced since, no one wants to back track long corridors with a guy that moves like a snail.

Although, seeing as you intend this to be a kind of horror or suspense game, slow movement may be the best for suspense build-up which I would like to point out, is absent in both graphics and audio.

I like the game but it needs to be finished first before i can give it a real score

good luck

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2.32 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2014
2:37 PM EST
Puzzles - Other