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MegaMan X vs Sigma: Duel

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My first real try at video editing and sprite animation using stop-frame animation instead of key frame animation. I is very noob and found stop frame animating, initially, faster for me to learn. So plz be gentle.

Although it took me about 37 days (a total of 156+ hrs/7 days), I had a blast making it and I learned alot! I Hope to make more animations in the future.
I'm looking forward to becoming a better animator, so tips and advise will be greatly appreciated. I will, also, be focusing on background animating and various camera angles/perspectives and P.O.V's.

This is just the sprite animation portion. You can view the whole video edit and completed sprite animation on the link below.

Click Here to see the full video on my youtube page:


The Story Thus Far...
After Years of Constant Battles and War, the Maverick Hunter, X, faces his Arch-Nemesis Sigma in the final, dark days of the Maverick Wars. The longevity of war itself has taken countless lives (humans and reploids alike) and as long as Sigma lives, there shall never be Peace. How can X defeat the never-dying Sigma?

Character Background Info:

MegaMan X

Unquestionably the most powerful robot in the world and Leader of the Maverick Hunter's 17th Unit (Sigma's former Squad), his incredible power potential is tempered by his sense of peace and justice, and his deep dislike of violence. He fights with everything he has for those who cannot defend themselves, but laments that so often he must take lives in order to defend them.

Although a Master of weaponry and capable of advance hand-to-hand combat, his signature weapon is the X-Buster, an arm cannon capable of firing not only powerful plasma blasts, but of reading the DNA code of other Reploids and replicating their weaponry for a limited time. He can also upload new armor components warped to him by the holographic A.I. of his creator Dr. Light.


The first Reploid created by Dr. Cain, Sigma was considered the finest of the Reploids and was the first leader of the Maverick Hunters; peace-keeping Reploids who defend humans against their renegade counterparts. Although he was once honorable, Sigma unexpectedly goes Maverick and rebels against humankind. He defects to the Mavericks and assumes the role of their leader. Under Sigma's command, the Mavericks grow into a legion dedicated to the extermination of the human race. Sigma instigates many of the destructive Maverick Wars, with the Maverick Hunters existing to crush Sigma and his minions.

Although he has been destroyed countless times, Sigma's programming always survives and builds himself a new form, ready to menace the world once again. It is implied that he grows more insidious and vengeful with each transformation, with each successive plan becoming more and more desperate and aggressive. As long as Sigma lives, there will never be peace.
This sprite animation is dedicated to the legendary blue bomber who I hope one day will be resurrected from Capcom's Game Library

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Me watching the fight: i really dont know which of them my client said was a big threat......
You standing next to me: It is Sigma you idiot!
Me: kay kay.... "reloads rifle" i dont see the point in shooting a robot with normal bullets...
You: just shoot......
Me: "aims rifle and shoots" the bullets dont got any effect on him...
you: why did hired in the first place.....

Pretty good for a simple fight. The only real issue I had was the audio. The sound bits cackled like hell. Other than that, I didn't notice anything particularly bad about it. Very nice job.

joejamz99 responds:

thank you! agreed. I believe just reducing the volume on certain sounds would do the trick to fix the cackled-ness.

I quite enjoyed this and the fight scene, for it used the same sprites found in the game which is suprisingly rare for such animation (for half the time, sprite-animators will use D.I.Y sprites like gradient circles). My main issue is the sound, half the time when they speak it either echoes or two songs are playing at the same time.

P.S; yes we all hope for the blue bomber return, except Sigma.

joejamz99 responds:

thank you! yea sound mixing aren't quite yet a specialty for me yet. any suggestions or programs u recommend that could help me isolate/separate the voice from its background music?

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4.65 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2014
2:20 AM EST