Pixi Tower Defence

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Classic, simple and fun tower defense game. Place towers to defend your base from funny creatures. There are 4 maps with diffrent styles to beat.


I honestly found the game to be nice and challenging and found the 'fast' tower to be a little OP... although I suppose that is needed as the later rounds are quite the nail-biters... I also liked the addition of increasing the prices of the towers as you bought more... a major problem that I found was that I couldn't read the description of the 'Icy' tower... that is why I didn't give 5/5

Well it won.t let me start with 3 tower in grasslands. you have to upgrade or else it will just tell you the same thing.
well here's what i think.
It a little slow it needs a fast forward button. it's a good thing you let us able to skip to the next wave but waiting to kill all the monsters really slow is kind of boring but at the same it will kill us faster too.
It's a good game.
Keep it up

Fun, easy, not overwhelmingly challenging.
Like pwca6 said, I can't see the description on the "icy bot" because of the A10.com ad.

fun game... the A10.com blocks the pop-up info on the Icy bot.

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I beat it! And it is great!

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3.25 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2014
3:09 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense