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GrasslandSurvival - Tank

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Killed one enemy tank or two.


1000 SCORE


3000 SCORE

WAR LORD 100 Points

6000 SCORE

Author Comments

Select your tank and your favorite control type, and try to survive and kill enemy tanks.
Green team members are friendly tanks.

I. 4 type of controls: 3 by mouse & keyboard & a Mouse Drag for "No keyboard" consoles.
II. Radar: for strategic positioning your tank.
(Enemies chasing you are blinking in radar; green tanks are friends).
III. 4 types of tanks (M1 Abrams - Leopard II - Challenger II - Super M48).
IV. Difficulty : player may choose to play (easy, normal or hard) .

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The content felt repetitive and the upgrades felt flimsy. I feel like this game would benefit from a more traditional progression system in which you could upgrade particular aspects of the tank itself (pay X amount of credits for Y upgrade).

Another issue I encountered was the useless nature of teams. My teammates did indeed eat bullets for me and shot the opposition but were also stealing my kills and felt like they were nothing more than just bullet sponges to keep around in case I start getting fired at. Give me a good reason to want to roll in packs; Point bonuses, synergetic effects,not stealing kills, being able to lead them instead of following their asinine trail. Which leads me to my next point,warlord mode.

The Warlord mode is just a color filter and a high score. I see no purpose to it whatsoever beyond that. An alternative to this could be that when one becomes a warlord your teammates will start following you if you were to press a certain key. I would see this as a great incentive. Another small note is put enemy warlords as bosses on the map. Make them giant historical tanks (look up the Ratte or the MAUS for examples) that serve as a challenge/monetary system (if you implement one)

Just an idea to pose to you, some shifts in game play would be nice. Consider using Terrain such asmud,hills, snow to change vehicle handling/speed and also add in some cover or even bushes for players to hide in. I think it would be neat to add the ability to wait in a bush then BLAM! right in the enemies face!

As a concluding point I will say that this game does have potential but needs far more development; 2 and a half stars for a half-way done project. Add more complexity and depth to the game and moreover a less linear gameplay experience.

paulandrewparker responds:

Thank you for your kind & creative comments (but according the AC3.0 programming and some graphic stuff specially in title page I think it may deserve at least 3.0 ;) ).

Your comments are so valuable for me though all are about game-play improvements; I thought my worst weakness is game graphics and your opened my mind upon new points of view in game play aspects!

I am just two years programming AS3.0 for flash and in this game(my first) creating an extremely extensive grass-land in addition to smooth movement of tanks took toons of my time! A very hard and time consuming issue was game performance which is the No.1 obstacle to improve game play and graphics.

By the way, you are right, this project has many many things to do and I have to overcome performance & Programming problems to make it more rich in the future (perhaps in ver. 2 ;) ).

Thank you my friend and I hope for more collaborations with you in the future, and have very nice moments in www.newgrounds.com.

Credits & Info

4.40 / 5.00

Feb 8, 2014
1:10 PM EST