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The Hero's Journey

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The Hero's Journey is a sidescrolling swordfighter, similar to Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link; you navigate side-scrolling maps, with your trusty sword and shield, to defeat the Evil Lords besieging the land of Aylea.

It all started when Tim the Knight and his father were spelunking, and discovered a suit of crystal armor! However, the cave collapsed, injuring Tim's father. Tim went to the neighboring nation of Aylea, known for a healing herb called Goldensage, expecting such a trivial request to be granted with no issue.

...Instead, he found a realm besieged. Can Tim the Knight defeat the Evil Lords and save Aylea? Or, will the world find itself at the precipice of a new Resurrection War?

World Map
W/A/S/D or Arrows - Move
Left Mouse or X - Enter special locations

Side-Scrolling Maps:
A/D or Left/Right Arrow - Move left or right
W or Up - Perform Overthrust after unlocked
S or Down - Perform Underthrust after unlocked
Space - Jump
X or Left-Click - Attack
Z or Left-Click an Interaction button - Interact

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This game has potential but it's impossible to beat the first dungeon. It keeps leading you into in this "dead end" or "End of Game" like trap with infinite amounts of blobs. They keep coming and coming until you're dead and then you got start all over again. This game is 100 times harder and much more intense than Zelda 2. I mean there's also these shelled octorok like enemies in this one cave that, even though they look so weak and easy to kill, they're so annoying to get passed cause you can't get passed them.

I rated this 2.5, half of five cause this is a fun game but it's very hard. Basically, like taking Zelda 2 difficulty to whole new and higher level.

I gave up when I realized that this game is unbeatable. Could you please make this game easier?

Asvarduil responds:

Sure thing - thanks for the candid and helpful response.

The idea with the Slime Gauntlet is to get the player to try to avoid what slimes they can, to get to the second switch at the top of the Gauntlet - in other words, to teach players to know when not to fight, even with the swordfighting being the main mechanic of this game.

I've been messing with some physics changes over the last few months (I've felt for months that the jumping could be better) so making the Slime Gauntlet easier will happen as well. I'm also wanting to change some aspects of the second Evil Castle, particularly the boss of that.

I also need to convert The Hero's Journey to WebGL as well, as NPAPI plugins are finally dying off. I'll be sure to reply again when I've made the changes go live.

cool game Zelda 2 much

Asvarduil responds:

Yeah, Zelda 2 was the inspiration for this, only that game likes giving you a chain of MacGuffins and artificially extending the play time. I've seen that modern gamers prefer a more dense experience, so I took out many of the MacGuffins, and only left in the things that were needed to have good gameplay and a light excuse plot.

I encountered a seriously annoying bug where I take the goldensage from the mountains whitout beating barbariccia, when I leave the castle in the mountains is gone and the storyline goes on as if I beat barbaraccia. When I give the goldensage to the woman whose husband is sick I dont get the reward from the dragoon because I can't talk to him in Manseles.

Asvarduil responds:

I fixed Dragoon Kayn so that this does not happen. Thanks for the feedback hackdish!

This game has potential and seems like something I would play however after playing for 15 minutes I encountered 2 game breaking bugs and one minor one. The first was that after leaving the dark castle without completing it, I was unable to return to to the castle and never able to complete the quest. The second bug was that while searching for another way back to the dark castle, my character stepped off of a ledge into the ocean and was unable to step back onto land. The minor bug I encountered was that talking to people often took many tries as my character would attack even when I clicked the talk button. If there was a dedicated button for speaking or simply not allowing the player to attack in town, this issue could be fixed. This game seems like it has a decent framework however the bugs needs to be fixed before I can attempt to play it again to completion.

Asvarduil responds:

The bugs you've talked about here have been addressed, HikariRyu! Thanks for your feedback, I hope you enjoy the game!

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2014
6:03 PM EST