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Furry Bird

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furry bird click to fly

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Not a bad Flappy Bird clone overall. The obstacles seem balanced despite the random factor, and though the controls are a bit difficult at first, once you find the pattern it feels right. Still a bit too little reward for the challenge for me; gets monotone quick, but it's even worse with the original Flappy Bird I feel. So, compared to the original, it's not bad.


dude,is just like flappy bird. only it doesnt seems right. when fail-reset.
some act same clink. not much of a game

Landing shouldn't "kill" you unless you land on something bad/the left side of the screen catches up to you. Description should at least make it clear that you will fall if you stop clicking and that you must avoid obstacles.

Still not as bad as Flappy Bird! Still has that feel to it, but is easier to get used to!

Lol, very addicted, and you made it while the flappy bird hype is still up.