Woolie The Liar Stole my

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Here is my very first full length Flash animation, which is a parody of the Two Best Friends videos on YouTube. I definitely cut plenty of corners, but I really like how the final product turned out.

What do you think?

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Well I f****** loved it, only problem being Chris Benoit should have been Pat's Persona XD I feel like it would have been the Icing on the cake to see Pat slap on a Pair of glasses shout "PERSONA!" and have a Stand like Chris Benoit doing his sick elbow drops with a little added "Ora ora" for variety. Otherwise it was awesome man. :) Another little idea I had was like, do a "alternate ending" video or something and when Woolie cries for mercy have pat's face look like Kenshiro's from fist of the northstar and have him say "omae wa mo shindeiru" (You are already dead) have the theme song from it play and have Woolie explode into a pile of salt.

JinglesRasco responds:

I wish I would have thought of that...

You calling me a liar, boy? (lawl, Woolie Hole)

But no really, this was nice. A pleasant style with nice audio.
If you want advice, just try more animation. Less slideshow.
Good stuff though.

JinglesRasco responds:

Thanks a bunch. I wanted this project to look like a storybook, so I didn't put much "animation" in it. My future projects will have MUCH more animation in them.

Had me laughing throughout.

Loved all the references and callbacks to the various Best Friend's videos.

The style was really cute and fit well with the narration, at first I thought this would be animation based on 2BF sound clips, but it was a great surprise to see all of their catchphrases and stories being used to tell an original story.

The only thing I could mention is that the animation was a little limited in places, it didn't really hurt the overall video though, and the storybook narration/style more than made up for it.

JinglesRasco responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. I limited the animation on puropse to give off more of a storybook kind of feel. Be sure that my videos will be much more animated in the future.

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Feb 4, 2014
7:17 PM EST
Comedy - Parody