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This is a game I wrote for a 48 hour comp. You're a squirrel, living on two telephone wires. One day while minding your own business, birds start showing up uninvited. You have 30 seconds to remove as many birds as possible.

This is not my first work done with Flash. I've been using it for years. The wire physics were very difficult, so try to appreciate the game's complexity.

left, right - movement
up - jump (if you're on bottom wire)
space - hold to grab onto top wire


I just didn't think this was very unique or anything. I guess I appreciate how it had a simple premise and it wasn't too hard to understand. Of course, we can't always simplify everything. It just needs to have more going on. This is just the same thing over and over. You did not even have a background or any music. It also probably just came off as too easy to me.

At this point, I've played so many games, you tend to expect more difficult stuff. It's funny how this has the same name as a popular HBO show. Yeah, this did come after it. Squirrels are funny, but this one really wasn't. I can tell it's an old work.

Wire, huh? Squirrel.

This was ok, ya know.

It's alright

The design of the game is pretty decent but it needs work. Maybe more levels and have enemies try to hurt you. Not bad for 48 hours though.

Make the game multi leveld

This game looked very cool.


............enought said
hee hee
;; see ya space cowboys ;;

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Sep 9, 2002
1:52 PM EDT
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