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Froman in Small Town ep3

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OMG 2 days late on original release date. For my 3 fans whos' audience I respect along with everyone else :) they must think I'm slipping, but holy dragon ballzzzzz did I run into some problems. Over the last couple days I've been tweeking audio problems, and equally running into them. I modified the audio to a point where I feel it has improved but hasn't quite been perfected.
I essentially finished all the clips on Friday (late) but applying them into vegas became a whole different story and it went all stupid.In the Long run got it finished though. I don't think I will be posting any release dates until I have the final or close to the final edit of an episode done just to be more sure.

Things I felt I improved on in this episode was the sound quite a bit I think things kinda got muffled near the end (hope everything was comprehendable), Think I did better with the lip syncing aswell. In this cartoon I really didn't alter my style. Dabbled a little in frame by frame but the tweens remain ( It's not a sin) :) I also focused on a plot the show is steering for a bit. Sorry it's a minute shorter D: I'll be trying not to go any shorter than 4 minutes per episode aswell.

Can't wait to see where I can take this series and read more of your reviews ! THANKS and enjoy!

Main Street #1 (DAY) - Animal Crossing New Leaf Music
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Royalty Free Music - ITMOA: Evil

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This is getting interesting and exciting! Hopefully seeing a fight scene! The sound check is important also so check on that when releasing a new episode! ;)

Mdoganima responds:

Thank you for all your reviews they mean so much in helping me improve I'm glad you're enjoying the series so far. :)

Glad to see you're improving.
Can't wait for more.

You'r good, the intro music were better in this one that the other 2. i hope that you keep experimenting and see if it looks better, Thumbs up dude,

This is getting better, I'll continue watching and seeing where it goes!

Mdoganima responds:

Thanks for all the reviews man glad you'll be looking out for more!

I'm really liking the story so far. I can't wait to watch the next episode!

Mdoganima responds:

Thanks man !