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Warlord ofTongue Twisters

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I've been meaning to practice more on little movements characters do with the hands. And when Warlord came along with her sound test, containing such a tongue twister, I couldn't resist.
I got a request so here:
"what a wonderful bird the frog are
Him ain't got no tail almost hardly
When him walk him hop
when him hop him jump
when him sit
Him sit on what him ain't got almost hardly"

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That's sooooo cute! ))


I would probably do the "SAME-THING" here with this one, it was pretty "FUNNY" and I got a good laugh out of this, I still do wish this was longer maybe some added humor more random scenes but overall this was still pretty funny with all of its amusing elements you have done well with this one it was entertaining for sure and hope you make more funny animations such as you have done here.

maybe more random jokes and more random scenes, but even if no changes are made this was funny.


That was hilarious, love it!

Did you actually do that? Either way, hilarious!

WooleyWorld responds:

Oh yeah true story. 100%..

Lol so funny great animation too >W<