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Now I Remember

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The exceptionnal adventure of a man who has forgotten his all life. Help him to remember through different stages : platform, arcade, ...

Last update : 16/02

HTML5 Game :)

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Forget all the haters! This game is very well done. Took a little time to beat the driving level, but once i figured out i could use the arrow keys to steer, it was easier. The game has a very strong message attached to it as well. Do what you need, no matter what, because it matters to someone. Keep on making games, you now have a fan. Oh, and to gracik, the mother isnt the same girl he falls in love with, different sprites entirely... maybe the driving level messed with your eyes, but imho, if you couldnt see that, maybe they were already messed up.

Stackanis responds:

Thank you man, I appreciate !
But most of the people played on the first version, which was less finished.
you play on the "second" version, there are lots of enhancements.
The final version is soon. I changed and will change a lot : the driving level is totally refunded (you and I doesn't have problem with it, but lot of people found it trippy. It seems to be binary), I put more bonuses and scores to make it "speedrunnable", and more... I think I will update it on sunday, I hope you will play it :p
Sorry for my english, I'm french :(

Edit : if you liked it, can you please like/share http://www.facebook.com/Stackanis ? Thank you man ^^

im falling through the floors constantly

Decent game, fun enough for me to actually finish. The writing was a bit weak and simplistic, and the end reveal could have been less obvious. Few glitches with the jumping in the final level. But overall, a pleasure to play.

The driving level is way too trippy to even play. The road is constantly growing and shrinking, and it's screwing with my eyes. And as mentioned before your writing is beyond terrible. It doesn't make any sense at all. How do you go from being told to find your mom, to finding her, only for that lady to be a girl you fall in love with. Seriously, did you even read your own stuff at all? And your trying way too hard to incorporate to many genres of one game. It can work, but it's too annoying to work. Why you ask? Because you never give anyone time to grasp the level concept. Your too busy saying "Hey! Look what I can do!". Stop that, it's annoying and will mess your game up. It's a decent game, but there's way too much being thrown in a short period of time.

It is a simple style platformer, with a strong undertone.
I enjoyed playing this.
The controls worked, but the script was a bit weak

Stackanis responds:


Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2014
9:20 PM EST