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Space Flash Arena

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Space combat simulation in full 3D.

Fight with AI-driven enemies, collect guns and missiles, get medals for mastering each of 6 maps!

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i always bookmark a good game. a=only the best games go on my bookmark bar. and this is going there grate game 10/10 11/10 best game in all the land

Looks naive at first sight, but the fluently and the music makes it great. I really love to watch this with more enemies and weapons.

What I like about this game: The smooth handling, easy to operate interface; the ability to set the difficulty level and number of enemy to kill; the simple but elegant visuals, both of the operating environments, ships and elements, which help retain my interest in playing. One can spend hours on this game without getting stressed out with a craft that's too fragile and crashes easily.

What I'd like to see in a future version: Clarification from the beginning of what the different keys represent, and a story version with a Boss character at the end of each stage. Also, the medals earned in this current version don't show up as total points on one's gaming profile, so that could be fixed.

I agree with MLScherbatov all this really needs is a story mode and this game would be perfect

amazing game. needs some depth, though. i enjoyed it immensely, but you should think about adding some sort of story mode like in star fox 64, for instance. bosses would be very fun.