Tower of Babel & the WTC

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Another blasphemous yet interesting look into theism. This movie is merely a reminder of the idiocy of theism. More to come. Visit: infidelguy.com and buckcash.com to challenge the message herein.

Warning: If you are a closed minded religious nut, please do NOT view this movie. Thanks.

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no religion=real miracle

i say fuck religion. (no offense)all religions r is a bunch of bullshit rules that somtimes go against human nature. for example som say porn and greed r wrong, yet those who say that look at porn and r gredy themselves. then there is those religions that say its wrong to eat certain foods...and i say fuk it, ill eat whatevr the fuk i want and u should to..........afteralll, what did the animals we get most of our food from evr do 4 us. fyi: jerry faldwell(or fraudwell as the infamously-hated fred phelps called him) is dead...chances r hes in hell(if it exists)...but most likely for reasons different from what phelps thinks.

No religion

The world would definitely be a lot better without religion, thats for sure. There'd still be war and whatnot, but life would be so much simpler than it is now, and people might stop focusing on what makes them different(Faith), and start on what makes them the same.

Very nice

Very funny, with a message too. However, you might wish to work on the sound quality.


ignore those morons, you are doing the world a service. :)

To the one who reviewed before me.....

You're an idiot. You claim there is "proof" that there is no God, explain this proof to me, seriously, show me the evidence. Oh wait, you don't have any evidence, just a lack of evidence that supports the existance of God? Let me clue you in, an absence of evidence does not equal an evidence of absence, moron.

By the way, you're basing your anti-religious views on Halo? That only proves how much of a moron you really are.

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Sep 9, 2002
12:10 AM EDT
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