PewCatPie 3 - The End

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Arrows - Move
Space - Jump

You are a cat who wants to find out the truth about yourself but he needs your help!

this is my last game of the unfair series, will focus on funnier games now, tho these games are awsome too and everyone think so too but many are afriad to show it and therefore writes mean stuff.. but hope you all will enjoy this last masterpiece, if you don't then it's just because you can't handle it :)


I absolutely LOVEEEE this game, its one of the best games i have ever played!!

So many weaklings in our species these days. This game is brilliant Actually provides a challenge and rewards you with creativity instead of the same shit over and over again common in most rage games and games in general.

For me personally this game could be 10 times harder and it would still be cool.

Pewcatpie 3 is the last of the series and shows an evolution in the authors game creating skills. Not sure which is my favourite to be honest. They each have their own distinct characters but I definetly died the most on this one especially level 2!

To zoyer lol at level 3! I was like wtf is happening then when the truth was revealed my mind was truly blown. In fact I think I may still be in denial about the whole thing.

Great chase in level 2. You needs brains to complete it oh and thank you for that nice suprise when walking toward the light!

Amazing series dude. Was great to play. I understand you are going in a different direction for pewduckpie 2 due to genetic weakness of todays retarded generation. However I hope one day you can make another series much MUCH harder then what you have done so far. I LOVE A CHALLENGE!

Great series dude am spreading the word for you and I hope pewdiepie plays this one day.

zoyer responds:

Thanks mate! Always really glad to hear stuff like this! Really appriciate it! haha yes level 3! I felt i had to put down something, took the first best that came to my mind! I'm pretty happy with the Chase in level 2 thanks! :)

Yes you're right, too many people doesn't want any challange these days, I don't know what's wrong! I hope people will start going in another direction and start seeing the point in games like this one. In Pewduckpie 2 I will have a level that will be super difficult and unfair, since I can't just make a game without any unfairness in it! So that level will be awsome for you my friend! :)

Really glad to hear all this love! Glad you like it and thanks for spreading the word! :)

SO RAGING !! I think you might do one little bit EASY

I dont think there is much to say. The only reason this "game" doesnt gets deleted is because of people voting blindly just seeing pewdiepie.

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i really really love the game idk why people hate it and stuff its really really fun its kinda frustarating but its way funner and its kinda hard but waaaaaay funner then some other games i might even fav :D

zoyer responds:

Thanks! :) well as i said in the description, must be the explanation!

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1.79 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2014
10:26 AM EST
Skill - Other