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This is a game made in 48 hours for global game jam based on this years theme: We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.

R to restart.
Space to Jump.

This meant to be a surreal game so relax and take your time, enjoy the experience. I've always wanted to make an artsy game so let me know what you think of it!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mr_Tedders
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrTedders
Website: http://mrtedders.wix.com/mrtedders

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This was less surreal and more like a tech demo/acid trip that was also hard on the eyes.

Next time you want to go for a quick, surreal game, here's some advice. Take a look at Time Frame. That is a damn good surreal Ludum Dare game. Who ever made that is a genius. Learn from him before you jump into challenges with a peculiar theme, like this one was. It will help.

MrTedders responds:

Oh man thanks for letting me know about Time frame. That was a beautiful game. Though I'm still happy I made this either way, I learned a lot from making this. Hopefully the next game I make will be more to your tastes

the movement of the player is ok. the commands for moving need to be addressed somewhere before the game starts. you use the arrows for front/back and strafing. the mouse for turning, and the space bar for jumping. add something to do besides move around and turn the world 4 different colors. create an objective to accomplish. race a character around the outside. shoot an animal or throw a rock at an object. something. the crafting is beautiful. and music fits nicely with the game. it feels shortchanged with nothing to do, but the environment is nice.

3/5 for the world, 2 stars for lack of anything to do

MrTedders responds:

Sorry about the lack of direction, Thanks for the feedback though. Did you end up following the bridges and getting the four cubes at the end of the path? Glad you enjoyed the atmosphere though!

This is a nice attempt at a 3D game, but it's really hard to see anything without outlines and everything the same color in some areas, and the mouse was a bit too sensitive and it was hard to get a good look of where you are. If you could tweak and improve it a bit more, it'd be a really nice game

MrTedders responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah theres a lot of tweaks that would need to be done but I think if I end up doing anything with this it would be interesting to try it with the oculus rift (which my school just so happens to have!)

I don't understand the goal or objective, but the music is nice. The scenery is a little dull though, the size and proportions are cool but I think more texture or landmarks would make it more visually interesting.

MrTedders responds:

Thanks for the feedback man! Yeah if I end up working on this more ill definitely need to work on some of that stuff.

Interesting Idea and interpretation of the theme. I personally like how this expresses the theme, even though the game itself has less fun/gameplay.

MrTedders responds:

Glad you enjoyed the concept. Yeah, it isn't inherently fun but I tried to make it just an interesting experience.