Metal Gear Quiz

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A short quiz game, that isn't too hard, but difficult enough to make you think if you don't play often.

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I really enjoyed this because you really brought the Nostalgic nature outta me with the perfect timing of music and the game over theme! Right on. The only problem is the shortness of it all. Maybe some pictures would look nice too. You should definitely make more Metal Gear Quizzes! I had fun with this one, a lot, and some of the alternate answers were hilarious.

I guess your question on what system Metal Gear started on, can be taken two different ways. Because even though you have MSX has the first, it came out on the NES at the same time in Japan.(same game, just different system) And almost every gamer, let alone Metal Gear fan knows NES as the first one official game. Despite a MSX release at the same time. Personally, I would make both answers the right answer. So you wouldn't get too much slack for it.

Great quiz, hard, but i like it.
I win :P

I love the quiz! It's brillaint for Metal Gear Solid fans, (and easy)
I love the use of the music, sound effects and the game over screen!
I'd love to see it made into a longer game and maybe even a second game!
Thank you!

Good quiz with a lot of things i did not actually know (as i have not played a title in the series)

It is a bit awkward with having to press the actual letters without any other options for answering the question though (like clicking the answers or alternate buttons) but the music was good and although sometimes the usage of low resolution images is seemed a bit unusual (like the game over screen) it still is good enough for what it is aiming to do.

DarkPrinceVI responds:

Sorry the buttons were my own naiveté it seems. In my eyes I prefer hitting the actual corresponding keys because my brain thinks that way. I could probably figure out a way to switch it so it can have multiple answering schemes though. I'll look into it.

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Jan 26, 2014
11:44 AM EST
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