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Nature Hater is primarily a game for mobile devices, but with a slight tweak, we present here, your your pleasure, on an internet screen.
Dean is a platypus with a grudge. A grudge against the entire world. He sees beauty everywhere except in the mirror. He is a freak with beak. Nature has got to pay. God has got to pay.

This game Requires the Unity Web player http://unity3d.com/webplayer

If you want to see this game completed, please support the kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pew36/naturehater-the-game-join-dean-the-platypus-and-hi


Don't have a phone to play it on, so this is as good as it gets for me! Experienced a few bugs, dying in the second level dosen't give me a replay screen, at one point my score got stuck at -6 but i could still use beach balls. also, not sure if this is a bug, but the other weapons didn't seem to work, I assume they cost score to use, but i still had score and they just weren't operating, if there's some system to these weapons maybe you could bung it into the how to play screen?

A game testing note: assuming you can actually use the weapons unlimitedly, you can just throw beach balls in a tight arc and build a giant waveform of screen-clearing beach balls that eliminates everything. Which is what i was doing for like, 2 minutes.

The control scheme of this game seems to be geared towards casual play, but this game is pretty hard, and the levels seem a little longer than they should be. Easy mode?

Does this game have a pause, am i dumb and didn't work out what button it is? If it dosen't have a pause it needs one.

That's all. Music is bloody great, the game is tight and challenging, everything looks fantastic. Great job. Looking forward to seeing how the final game turns out and i'm a proud backer of this kickstarter!

therapistgames responds:

thanks ever so much for that comprehensive feedback. The game for browser was a bit of a fudge and it is designed for touch input primarily. Level 2 was really tough but we have balanced it properly and once we start releasing updates in response to the kickstarter you will see a tighter experience.
we are modifying how the weapon select works too....they are not unlimited but as yet do not have a counter.....we are working hard to make it awesome though.
thanks for your support!

I like the Music. Who is it? The control with the mouse is a liitle bit terrible. But i think on the Phone its better. I'm going to get it on my Phone :)

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therapistgames responds:

The music is by Black Sixteen and The lost souls club...
And tell your friends dude. Thanks for the kind words!

Cool music. Boring game.

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therapistgames responds:

to be fair, it is for touch devices....and it is fun when you are using your thumb to lob bricks around. have you tried it on your phone yet?

Is hard as hell to control,but the game is cool

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therapistgames responds:

thanks for your feedback, it means a lot. we are really hoping to get this funded so we can complete it, tweak it so that its as fun as can be.

Looks good, sounds good, but is a pain to play with a mouse.

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therapistgames responds:

yeah, it is primarily meant for touch....if you have a touch screen it will be awesome

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2.58 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2014
9:20 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed