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You have 3 chances to find your destiny.

The theme to the Global Game Jam is "we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are"

This is an experimental gameplay. The trick is you have to hold mouse click to notice something. Try it!

This game is winnable!

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This was good. Nice concept but it was a little boring with little pay off. I thinkk you could've developed more of a game.

My only critique of his game:
Like many other games where you are supposed to find a lover or whatever, you're forced to chose the opposite sex. When I pick pink, I'm forced to get blue. When I pick blue, I'm forced to get pink.
Yeah, you're right. We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.

I think I can see what you were going for, but the controls are slow, the presentation is unappealing, and it could be explained better. Maybe offer some hints? They can be vague and philosophical, but something is better than nothing. Try some tighter controls, and a more appealing minimalist design, and I think you might just have something here. Good luck!

I didn't know there would be another game jam, but this seems quite appropriate. What I like most is how simple it is. That makes sense, seeing as how it was itself made in a short time. I like how soothing the music was. I had no luck trying to find the right person. I played a girl, so maybe that's why?

I don't really know what those yellow dots are supposed to mean. Are they children you accidentally give birth to? They disappear once you touch them. I guess you could say love literally hurts, or rather, a lack of it. Oh wait, I just realized you can also play as a boy.

keybol responds:

Great! That's one way I see it can be interpreted. Or the dots can be experiences you will treasure or learn from. The game has an ending, just hold left mouse for a long time, you'll notice it immediately.

not bad, but not very clear on whats supposed to be going on. also, what are the yellow dots for? they dont seem to be worth bothering with.

keybol responds:

Hi thank you for playing! The Game Jam's theme is "we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are".
You can interpret the yellow dots for anything; experience from breakups, a child, money anything. Here's a spoiler, hold down mouse click and see who's coming.

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3.31 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2014
7:49 AM EST
Skill - Avoid