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The Hallo-Weenies BTT

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Hey Guys,It's Billy here with a brand spanking new episode of Billys Toon Times!
Anyway,I really hope you guys enjoyed this episode! I would really appreciate it if you liked,commented,favorited and subscribed....I will not stop animating as long as you guys support me in my work.

Creator of Billys Toon Times [c] Billy Crinion
Writer/Director: Billy Crinion
Animator/Background artist/Audio editor: Billy Crinion

Voice actors:
Billy: Billy Crinion as Deadpool and his thoughts
Shane: Shane Campbell (Known on Youtube as Shane Playz Gamez) as Himself
Philip: Philip McEvoy as Batman
Gavin: Gavin Thomas as The ODST
Adam: Adam Crinion as Iron-Man

Thank you so much for watching and hope you enjoyed!

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okay.. ignoring the fact it completely rips off eddsworld. Heres what I have to say about this animation and show on its own. (ill pretend eddsworld doesn't exist)
Heres the problems (why your not getting a lot of views)
1. The show seems to lack a good amount of creativity... your focusing way too much on the plot and flow of the scenes, then the actual likeability or comedy of the characters and show.
2. Your characters are not very likeable..... Theyre all too perky and crazy.. do you know how annoying it is to have 5 little optimists buzzing in your ear.. You need a balance of optimist, pessimist, and the occasional emo to make a show good.. (basically, more variety in the personality.
3. The animation is too bright and smooth, try adding some darker tones and making the animation a little sloppier. (most people (including me) actually like the look of a ridged flash toon)
4. Your being very lazy on the animation (it seems like you kind of rush through stuff so you can finish) Doing that makes the whole cartoon seem rushed and boring. You need to spend more time on a scene, add more dialogue, and try harder with the comedy. (look.. I make flash too, I know its hard but u got to try)
5. The comedy is overused junk you only seem to think is funny, sentences such as "well aren't you so nice" or, "that was, eventful" even "well never be normal" are kind of bland and overused
and barely count as comedy if you ask me. Try thinking a little harder on the comedy, maybe instead of using the first or second joke that comes to your head, think a little. and make sure the comedy is funny to others (try it out on a friend or show it to them)
6. The show seems to have hardly any sound effects into it. Everytime someone talks their is this COMPLETE silence for like 5 seconds. you had like 5 sound effects in total (not counting the music at the beginning) You have to find good sound effects, ones that sound cartoony. so people will like your show. The oppressive silence is actually very annoying, no offense. I think you should find some good sounds, and have one atleast ever 6 seconds. Or, you can do it easier and have constant background music. (that actually adds a classic cartooney aspect to the show.
7. The show focuses too much on stupid plots and antagonist then the actual original idea for it. (remember? its supposed to be about your life at school) I would probably, enjoy this show if it focused more on school. Start making a lot of episodes about school problems and school related things. (crushes, test, projects, insane teachers) perhaps an episode where they all have to work together on a hard project and they end up fighting? And make sure to give their school a snappy name, like hm.. what about Woodington? and they all have to wear uniforms (now THATS original)

Look, to be honest ur show isn't that bad. some parts are even okay. But, the only reason I was mad to begin with is because I felt ur show was too similar to eddsworld. Since im an eddsworld superfan, I got kind of offended and angry at you. I felt it was tarnishing edds memory. Look, if you take my advice you can keep your show, AND have it much more original.. ;)

BillyBCreations responds:

Thanks. I'll take these into consideration. But just realise that you hurt my feelings and that instead of making rude remarks on my work you could have just used some constructive critism like what you have just given me.
Some of these are true and I will proabably use them in the future.
A couple of things though, The show's entire plot changed after the style change. The "Heads up" video was made when I didn't know what I wanted to do. Yes,I will sometimes do school episodes and things related to it but the show became something where we just go on adventures and weird stuff happens. I'm trying to make my show better and more original, Honestly I am. And Paul Ter Voorde actually likes the show so far which means a lot to me.
I'm glad you like my show,Even if it's only a little bit. Sorry for annoying you but just remember. You did hurt me but I guess I forgive you seeing as I'm an Eddsworld superfan as well. That's why I'm working on the Fan-Made movie with some other fans.