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Just a try for fullbody animation.
Note: please high up your volume then only u could hera the voice


Mention the sound/bkground noise... No good from beating the "dead horse" further...

Would've earned higher marks (my book) by trying with something not... (lack of better terms) ... nearly being done to death. Rather than rant on the sudden over-popularity of things, I'd suggest you might check out a book of anything from Edgar Allen Poe, and just plug away on something, any thing inside you find intriguing...
No, I'm not harshing you, personally to ride your backside... I just believe in offering something useful and constructive when reviewing. Of course, there are other whole genres of writings with little or no attention on them publicly, so you could look really spectacular just grabbing inspiration from nearly anything of 'historical' or bordering contemporary literature for your basis.
Please do remember, these are only suggestions... and if you'd like something I think might "sell"??? Check out nearly anything from Robert Frost... secret? among my fav's will always be "The Cremation of Sam McGee" just in case you wondered...

Besides, why should every single one of us in arts or entertainment be SO interested in making something absolutely epic AND original... Just a little fresher than the others will probably do.

i just have one thing to say. i didnt turn my volume up because the background noise was eardrumtearingly loud. either up the voice or lower the background noise.

The audio definitely needs some attention. The voice recording had a lot of plosives and wasn't clear enough to hear without volume but then immediately, there are loud white noise static sounds which blow out the ear drums. Definitely needs some work. Keep at it.

dynamicsof responds:

Sure, thank you..

Good animation. But it has mature contents...

dynamicsof responds:

Iam sorry for not marking Teen..

You have some intresting graphics, try working on a good script, people need sense to like an animation :)

dynamicsof responds:

Ya sure thank you..

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3.12 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2014
5:58 AM EST