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The Way West

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This is a music video I did for a friends band a few years ago! I realized I never uploaded it to Newgrounds... so here it is!

I used to draw comics like this in elementary school (like 8 years old) so I am sure my kid self would have loved this movie.

Hold those cards inside your sleeve my friend.

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wow just wow i kinda wish it was longer

Wonderful and great i just love it

It is actually quite a nice, simple and relaxing animation, partly due to music and background colourings that give us that relaxing mood that some relates to being free. It told of a simple typical children like adventure story of a person who wants to prove himself which remind us of our young imagination for adventure and freedom as child. The art style seem simple but proper with simple but enough details added. I like how the horse is added as friend. Overall, I like the laid back animation of adventure. A feeling of innocence and freedom for adults and grown ups to feel envious for.

I would say, you can never go wrong with stick animation!
The music was great, the stry beautifull...
It really gives a certain feel

The minimalist color palate and the choice of a softer tone of the music work well with each other, it's simple and engaging. The animation itself was well done, most noticeably the facial expressions and mouth work. I also commend the authors decision of the ending, leaving the viewer to hash out the final result of the journey and growth of the character.

My only criticism at this point is that the attack by the bandits momentarily killed the suspension of the story. "Suddenly, Ninjas". I also believe that attack scene could have been elaborated on, perhaps they were sent by the veteran hero.

A well done piece though, I believe this would make for a good series.

ActiveObjectX responds:

This is an older view of mine and the ninja section is my least favorite precisely for the reason you stated. I put it in their because I thought it would be an interesting way to show the main character get a horse.

I'm strongly considering making sequel to this video.