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[ Update up to Legion Commander and Wraith King. I'm sorry for newer characters and modifies :( ]

This is not a game. This is a tool to help Dota 2 players during the hero pick, expecially in Captains Mode.
The in-game hero filter is implemented very bad: you can't choose how many stars of a role show; you can't choose more than one role; and often some roles don't work.

This tool is designed to elude all this difficulties AND to look for a specific hero who satisfy an advanced query!
For example: you may look for a 2-stars Carry, who also is a 2-stars Durable, a 2-stars Initiator, with Melee attacks, and who got a "steal-safe" skill because your enemy pick Rubick, and you -thanks to this tool- will quickly find out Brewmaster!

During the hero pick screen, put Dota 2 in background and open this page.
Add a filter by clicking on the icons.
To start over click the reset button beneath.

- Set Abbadon role as Durable 3 (Because for some reason he has no official rating)
- If "Safe from theft" is on "YES" the heroes with strategical and devastating ultimates will be unchecked. Toggle "YES" if your enemy pick Rubick.
- "Midder", "Global Skill", and "Safe from theft" filters are set according to my personal in-game experience. If you think there is some errors please let me know.

When I have time I will add these:
- Reverse search: click a hero's portrait to see hero's infos (Name, Main attribute, Range, Roles, Other features, best friends, worst enemies)
- Links to heroes' wiki's page
- Filter: Spell Immunity
- Filter: Difficulty (How much is a hero difficult to use)
- Filter: Type of spell damage (Physical, Magical, Pure, Both)
- Android version

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this thing needs update
still a good tool

Its ok, problem is theres alot of these things out there and once you stop sucking at dota you won't need it.

LucaMusumeci responds:

Correct, but I have 700 hours of gameplay, I play only captains mode and I still need it!
So, maybe the limit is 2000 hours? :)

Is "steal safe" supposed to mean they're safe to steal FROM or safe to play AGAINST rubick? Because on the one hand, the filter greys out shadow shaman and lion, and they don't have a spell between them that rubick doesn't love, but it leaves in a bunch of heroes that rubicks love to take from. Wraith king is a walking guaranteed stun. If you don't know who to steal from, steal from him, his stun is good and has a nice nuke attached. Worse than that is the presence of pudge and prophet. Prophet's spells are all useful and good in isolation. Sprout is just as useful when for rubick when he's using it as a barrier, teleport and nature's money button are super useful, and summoning trees is good stuff. As for pudge, yeah, it sucks if you steal rot, and his ultimate isn't all that useful on rubick (although it's still a 4-second stun), but shit, man, hook is a beast of a spell. Stealing from tiny reliably gets you a decent nuke and some form of interrupt. ALL OF NYX ASSASSINS SPELLS ARE GOOD FOR RUBICK. Stun, burn mana, reflect damage, go invisible and backstab for huge damage, these spells don't really synergize in his kit to something that is more than the sum of their parts. Rubick can use every spell nyx has and get the same mileage.
TL, DR: Steal safe isn't accurate.

LucaMusumeci responds:

Project edited.
I added in the description "If Steal-Safe Skills is on YES the heroes with strategical and devastating ultimates will be unchecked. Toggle YES if your enemy pick Rubick."
So, basically, "Steal-Safe Skills" means "Safe FROM theft". I tried to change the .swf file with another one who explains this but it doesn't change file in this screen... Can someone more experienced than me about nw help me?

About which heroes untoggle when it is YES. Of course ANY hero got a useful skill for Rubick himself. I unchecked ONLY the ones VERY VERY VERY devastating! The ones who if are stolen by Rubick declares the enemy surely victorious in a team fight (if Rubick is not dumb), like Enigma's, Tidehunter's, and Death Propheth ones.
Surely I may made some mistakes, but consider I wanted this filter very restrictive. If it filters just stuns it will uncheck 3/4 of the heroes...

Hope I explain myself. Thanks for you review! :)

Why is Global Skill set according to your experience? if is global then is global if not then no.
The same should go for Safe-Steal Skills.

As for midder, that is more up to the player's skill and confidence, so personal experience while nice as a guide doesn't really helps that much.

Other than that quite good, almost excellent, if only it was bigger icons buttons and text then man i would say perfect.

Also i am glad to see that Jakiro is slowly stepping out of that support role that has stigmatized him for years.

Really usefull tool for DOTA2 gamers!

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Jan 22, 2014
1:19 PM EST