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Lone Cistern

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levelComplete1 5 Points

Complete level 1

worstEnding 5 Points

The Fatory was Destroyed

badEnding 10 Points

Not enough gold

destroyGreenCistern 10 Points

Destroy a Green Cistern

levelComplete3 10 Points

Complete level 3

levelComplete5 25 Points

Complete level 5

levelComplete7 25 Points

Complete Level 7

goodEnding 50 Points

Humanity will win!

completeWithoutGameOver 100 Points

Complete the game without 1 game over

goodEndWithoutGameOver 100 Points

Beat game with best ending and without 1 game over

Author Comments

For those finding the game difficult, be sure to upgrade your speed. In fact, speed is the first thing you should concentrate on upgrading, makes the whole game way easier,
thanks for the feedback and have fun playing!

In the far distant future humans use machines known as Cisterns for various tasks. However the cisterns have formed their own A.I. and plan on taking over the world. Commander LoneHawk is on a journey to fight off the A.I. cisterns and find any remaining survivors.

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The gameplay was good and the grades were good as well, but the Mech upgrade that makes it so you can shoot from front and back makes it extremely difficult not to destroy the factory and to get the good ending. In a way, this makes it unfair and when you compare it to the story, will either mean you shot from the factory entrance and let the robots destroy it or you moved around and ultimately destroyed the base yourself. I'd suggest making it so the player's bullets can't destroy blocks. Also, for the mech upgrade (the upgrade where the entire appearance of the mech changes), Perhaps you should have an indicator for which mech has already been bought.

The only only thing I can suggest is a level selection screen of some kind or being able to replay the last level after beating it because as much as I enjoyed playing this, I don't want to go through it again to get the best ending medals and I like medals. Still, very good job.

tadgamers responds:

The trick is to hold the S key to stand still and then make sure bullets go only left and right, the enemies will circle you and all eventually die. And only 50% of the factory bricks need to remain. Thanks for the feedback, and thank you so much for playing the whole game, it does auto-save, so as long as you have not cleared your browsers cookies, you will auto-start from level 10 next time you play, thanks again!

For everyone - Here's how to play and beat the game real easy -

You don't ever need to buy armor, just keep your health at 400 - 500
when you have a lot of money, get your health to 1,000 (lvls 7-10)
first upgrade speed to at least 1050 before any other upgrade. (lvls 1-5)
this will upgrade your rate of fire a lot! The game gets really really easy then.
next concentrate on getting to the 7,000 cistern upgrade,
then you also need to have 7,000 more gold by the time the games over to get the best ending
read my note above about how to not destroy the factory,
thanks for playing! Enjoy your shinny new medals xD

Great game but with the speed upgrade you should have noted that it would also increase your rate of fire and there could be an upgrade for damage but other then that pretty awesome

tadgamers responds:

Yes I should put it into the game that speed is needed for bullet speed also, thank you very much for your feedback.

Crashed on me. Hard play just gets harder.

tadgamers responds:

By 'crashed' what do you mean? Most likely what you experienced was the automatic pause feature, when you move the mouse out of the game area, the game will auto-pause, causing everything to stop until you move the mouse back over the games screen.
You can upgrade speed first, to make the game play easier, thanks for the feedback.

Needs separate controls for movement and aiming

tadgamers responds:

You can press and hold the S key to stop moving so that you can just aim, thanks for the feedback.

feel a bit like a classic game shows that you don't need good graphics to make a good game has a degree of difficulty to it but that makes a good game. good job :)

tadgamers responds:

Thanks for the feedback