Color Crash Reloaded

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A fast-paced spaceship simlation to test your reactiontime - change your color and destroy the astroids to survive...
Use ARROWKEYS to change your color:
left: red
down: green
right: blue
Patch 1: Fixed major Issue in Safari.

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visually, i think i like the font best....the rest of the colors are too mashed together...the music was a good choice, and this game does have some character....and no it's no an asteroids clone, it's more or less some other "pass through with the right color" game I can't remember...but the fact that the Player is in a track here adds some real excitement.

That the track turns and shifts is cool too. however, for a game like this to do great, I think it needs (amongst other things) a hi-score table.

overall, fun for a few, but the novelty wears off too quickly.

Other than that, there's not a grip of content here....

Great game!

I don't know why but the game is very slow.

te7ris responds:

:( what os/browser are you using?

it's not loading for me. It just stays on the loading page. you can even change the color of the ship (but only with the mouse) and click on the sound buttons, but nothing else. Safari 6.1.1 latest flash OSX ML

te7ris responds:

looking into it... gimme a sec
edit: mh Safari isnt throwing any error but its not woking.
edit 2: ok found the cause of the error - fixing it asap
edit 3: uploaded a fixed version - if its still not working for you, just empty the safari cache or wait a few hours ;-)

Wasn't expecting this sort of mechanic, it's very original, good job! This game definitely requires you to think about what you're pressing, and it has the right number of lives to be forgiving in case you make a mistake. The spinning disorients you slightly and makes it harder to press the right key, but no doubt that was intended! The only thing I could recommend is to slow down the speed of the ship, or at least the frequency of the asteroids, as the game becomes pretty hard to keep up with early on in the third stage. Otherwise, good work!

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4.23 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2014
11:45 AM EST
Skill - Other