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Test Game 2014

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-any bugs
-any slow down


What should I add into my revolutionary flash game?
Please leave elaborate comments and suggestions; the best ones will be put into the next version of the game

Thank you :)


Keep your tests and betas on your dumping grounds. Submitting a half finished project just hurts your rep of being a game maker. As is, it's a bit generic. (like you said, it's a test)

it slows down when u level up slightly

good but i love it its a rpg


Animation on the protagonist, while not the smoothest, is pretty decent. It's workable. I like the running animation and the way her coat tails flap around. The character moves with a certain grace.

Art style seems to be a bit on the "animu-ish" side of things, what with that nose less style, but that's okay, because she looks cute and I think that's what you are going for. I like her outfit.

I think she does need additional frames however, most especially some frames for her walking diagonally upwards and downwards

The enemies would be decent beginning tier enemies along with rats and slimes and the like.

The combat seems basic and workable. Right now,
I can only use a 3 hit combo, but sometimes that's enough for a decent action rpg, if, the level design is good enough, and it all goes at a decent pace, or if at least have some partners with you so the game doesn't feel too repetitive, be it AI or human players.

I don't know what you have in mind for the rest for your project for I can not level up at the moment or explore beyond this test area. Though I do hope you give us some awesome big great looking enemies, and some gorgeous backgrounds. A killer soundtrack wouldn't hurt either, see if can find some hidden gems in the audio portal.

Some other miscellaneous ideas:
Maybe work in a block and/or dodge manuever. Maybe some spells and weaponcrafting if it's not too hard.

I like it when you can actually the armor on the sprites when you equip characters with items, as if they were putting on new clothes.

I like it when characters either look more rugged, or tougher, or confident when they level up(it's like literal character development).

I like some story. Whether it just be solely character driven, or, even better, if it helps provoke a thought of some kind.

I score 1 1/2 stars because I sympathize with you and kind of like what you're doing, but I also must realize that the portal is for finalized works. However, I do hope you finish your project with flying colors. I'll be cheering for you. Good luck on your next entry.

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2.20 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2014
2:37 AM EST
Adventure - RPG