Shitty Shorts #2

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Episode 2 of the Shitty Shorts..

Shitty Shorts is a series of.. well.. shitty ideas I get and instead of throwing them away, I present them here to you on the interwebs. Shitty needs love, too.

created, produced & animated by Danny Lesco aka MisterHerbal himself. woof.

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YOUTUBE : www.youtube.com/HerbalToons
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HerbalToons
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Tumblr : http://dannylesco.tumblr.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/DannyLesco

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Awesome! I wish you had billions of subs on youtube but sadly people like pewdiepie hog up the site

Ah, I see, you had a play on words on them, I thought you actually meant a show series involving someone’s shorts, and animals farting.

Haha these are so great, and I still love the segue in between the toons.
Got to love some low brow humor, sometimes it's good for the soul XD
The last one was the funniest, and a unexpected.
Keep up the hilarious work!

I couldn't give you a higher rating than 3, but this deserves that much. You have great potential and skill with this. Some might turn out to be good if perculated longer in your noggin. Others well, hell you're honest about the product. They are in fact quite sh#tty. Take this for what you will and keep trying.

Fear not! we contacted that man about his horrible actions towards the life animals, and he assured us! that he also devoured the dog, so you all can relax, no food was wasted.

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3.03 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2014
7:01 AM EST
Comedy - Original