The rum is Gone

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The Rum is Gone!

The hiding place is blown up. the goods falling from the sky day and night. Collect the most score while avoiding the bombs.


#1-movement seems really sluggish. i noticed a half second to a full second delay between moving the mouse and moving the basket and stopping the mouse and stopping the basket. i am running Chrome if that has anything to do with it.
#2-there seemed to be more stuff falling at night than during the day. is that supposed to be so, or is it random and i happened to get more at night?
#3-I got a bronze medal for 5000+ points scored. i didn't feel like a must to play through a second time.
#4-the point system for various objects was awesome. so nice to be able to go after the higher point items than the lower point ones, especially if it means getting a bomb.

Overall, not bad, but nothing new. has play value, but not repeated, unless you want top score on the scoreboard.
3/5, 3 stars.

dogo88 responds:

Thanks for your response!

The movement should be slow, otherwise it would be very easy. The direction of movement is determined by the mouse, but the speed is constant.
The same amount of stuff at night than during the day. just random chance of types with different percentages specified.
I am new to flash game development. Later I will try to develop this further.

Simple, yet it can be a bit fun pretty easily.

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2.51 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2014
8:26 PM EST
Skill - Collect