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Dave & Carl #1 - Lights

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This is more of a test than an actual episode, I'm aware that I may suck at voice acting, btw.

Concept, Idea, Crappy Voice Acting - ChazDude
Animation - Potatoman

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It was pretty awesome!

But, the only bad thing was how the crying sounded fake, like rlly though

Potatoman responds:

Because the crying was fake. Actually the whole cartoon is fake, it was all an elaborate prank on you.

lmao, where this road leads us we do not know... especially if we're walking along the wrong road! That voice acting was hmm, err, well it could've a bit more passion!! Though the voice quality's good, no unbalanced or high-pitched sounds. Simple; entertaining short!



why was this not in the style of the comics and the character personality wasnt even close to the comics

excellent! Amazing details, and amazing background! 5/5 stars