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Stan! The Happy Squirrels

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Stan is obviously a little off... after his last driving episode he decided to take another one far far away from man... and the police. However the imaginary squirrels will now pay! As Stan has learned to shoot while drive! (Thanks to Flashkit, for the source code)


Hmm no

Too hard. 0/5

This Stinks!

No. I did not like it. I did not like it. It is shit.


this one sux but all the other stan things make up for keep makin good stan movies x_x


Um, where's the possible joke you are trying to offer?... Appart, why putting Stan in a motorcycle, if you can't drive it at all? And, in the case you could drive and I didn't even cared to find out the keys to do that, why should I have to drive if there aren't obstacles nor targets to run over? Plus, why the squirrels don't die? You can make a 10-shots combo if you are quick clicking in your mouse, and they won't die, only fade out of the screen to appear again in a different, random location... Have you ever heard about some liquid common to all the animal living forms called "blood"? You should ask your daddy for an encyclopaedia next christmas, man... And also for a new brain...

this was so lame

i can't understand why peole even think of this stuff as interesting. this was alright in a really shitty way.

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1.79 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2000
6:19 PM EDT
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