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Combat Instinct 3

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Author Comments

You require Flash 6 player to view this game.

I decided to put CI3 on NG because there were some problems with its host which made it unavailable at times.

After being on Flashstyle.org since november, you can now play the entire game on NG with improved sound quality and smaller filesize.

Aml51z from Flashstyle.org did these improvements as well as adding 2 secret weapons in level 2 and 3 (these weapons are extremely powerful and i consider those cheats, so i wont tell you how to get them. visit the Flashstyle forum to find out or email aml51z@flashstyle.org)

Get your CI Merchandise! :) http://www.cafeshops.com/cp/store.aspx?s=ci3mcfretn

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i played the trilogy so long ago, but man, this game is really old and i don't even remember when i played it now i am 20 years old and it will have a special place in my heart, i hope this game doesnt desapear with the years.

Finally beat this. Years later, CI to CI 3 is good ol' classics. CI3 most hardest game to beat, used to be stuck on Stage 2 or 3

i wish you make it to HTML 5

Great game, I wonder if the aliens here even realize that by trying to take over Hivez, they're acting as bad as the aliens who destroyed their home planet...

This game was my childhood... Played this alot many years ago. Few years ago i was trying to find this game, and then gave up cause i couldn't find it. Then few days ago, i tried again, cause this game means so much to me. Its like the game was calling me, and i actually decided to not give up finding this game and finish it when i find it. Found this game again at Y8 today, and when i did, it was one of the best moments in my life... thank you developer, who ever you are. This game is the best flash game that exists for me, it means so much to me, and i will find a way to play this game, even when flash goes away (previous parts too, even tho i didn't play them when i was young, finished them as well today). I will know the ways i can play this game again when i want. Thank you once again developer, for making the most memorable flash game, that called me to play it again after many years, and actually finish it... RIP Flash... Also, when talking about flash games, graphics in this game are way ahead of its time. Watching the previous parts, you improved more and more, and here was the final, and the best result. This series even has variety, its not just spaceship shooting, you also go in to ground and blow these aliens brains out, you can even choose a path! Seriously, AMAZING and UNDERRATED game in my opinion. It was not easy to find this game, took few days or technically few years, as i few years ago tried to find this game, but gave up. Anyway, this game gets BEST out of 5. Best flash game ever created for me. Thank you once more developer, thank you!!!