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Fro-man in Small Town ep2

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After a long hiatus of a busy life and trying to find a girl voice actor I have finally finished the second episode of FMIST. I only know a few who has been waiting loyally for the next episode *cough*. Which isnt much or any *cough* but I hope I draw in new fans for the show on both Newgrounds and Youtube. In this episode I dabbled in some frame by frame animation. I think I'm starting to slowly intergrate that style of animation into my work since most people think tweening is a sin among animation -_____- Hope everyone enjoys this episode. COMMENTand THANK YOU TO MY NEW VOICE ACTOR Carolina.

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i like were this is going the story is getting better and better.

Wow! This series have a good humor included also stops right on the parts where i wonder what happens next! Good job and keep adding more furniture so it looks a little more life like and interesting. I'm gonna follow this series to the end (Hopefully it doesn't end)

Good job. To improve, u have to make your animations faster OR you have to make your graphics more interesting (by adding decoration or extra cars, people, animals idk whatever) Also try to give you're characters more personality and expressions, don't be scared to exagerate. Try also to add more shadows, doesn't always need to be correct, but just gives more mood like this. Keep it up!

Good job on keeping the storyline interesting.
But I do agree the audio was a bit off in this episode and I recommend you keep working on animation.
In any case, congratulations on accepting my 2001st comment here on Newgrounds!!!!!!!!!!

Mdoganima responds:

Thank you ! for the reviews it's much appreciated !

Overall pretty good. I personally don't like clip art, but that's irrelevant. Styles are gonna vary, and I think you've found yours. Or you were just lazy, either way, you get it.

The voice, intro, and sound are a bit lower than the outro credits, so perhaps leveling that out would be nice.

A bit slow paced, but I think someone has mentioned that already.

I would argue that not using a tool such as tweening in your arsenal is a sin among animation. Tweening can be really useful and add cool visuals when utilized properly. I say do what you want, but make it look good!

I'm gonna follow the series, hope to see more. :D

Mdoganima responds:

Thank you so much your review really put things into a new perspective for me. I guess tweening and my character models are within my own style and I should stick to it and improve on it thanks for your input it helps.