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Eddsworld Fan animation

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Oh no! could it be another fan animation??
Yeah sorry guys but I am also trying to apply to be a backup animator for eddsworld. I hope you guys enjoy it, it took me a day to make this so don't be too harsh :( and I used a mouse.
I applied for eddsworld backup animator so they asked me to remake any of the eddsworld cartoon, and I chose fan service

All credits goes to the eddsworld team

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this is so good!!five stars

In6seconds, I remember when you made - Dora the adventurator, Barney 2012 and the average plumber. Three shorts that made me thing we had a future legend on the site. 2 Years on and what has happened? Seriously the Eddsworld short you made about tords return was better than this, seriously this is a downgrade from your earlier stuff and what made me a fan of yours in the first place.

It's not bad. The only thing wrong is how repetitive the lip syncing is.

Oh boy, another Fan Service remake.
This is good! That's all I can honestly say.

Toon Boom

in6seconds responds: