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A!M ep.1

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//Wow its awesome to finally be able to relase this project to Newgrounds, the site that I made this for in the first place/. This ep was made while I was in high school, I am currently working on ep.3 I hope you all enjoy!//

To student teacher Baamo Ikebukro has been rather boring recently, so when she hears that a terrorist dubbed "Falconn" is in town she can't help but try to sneak a peak at the man causing the fuss. Enjoy the beginning of a new tale!

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This wasn't bad at all, and as the intro is flashing by I'm wondering why it didn't recieve a high score, but when the real animation starts it seems there are a few things to improve. First, a better flow of events. The red thread isn't always clear, it feels like it doesn't really follow a logical series of events, it kinda jumps from character to character, and the voice acting doesn't always hint at what's going on, at what it's about, at what can/will happen or what you should look forward to/fearetc.

The voices aren't bad, nor is the animation (though it does feel overly closed-in, seeing some scenes from a distance would be nice, not just close-ups of faces, at times zoomed-in close-ups of faces, at times close-ups of guns, etc... only the fight at the end is a little zoomed out, but it's still really close in. Maybe that's why you don't really grasp the situation. Looking forward to see how future episodes turn out, keep it going!


Not bad, Episodes 2 and 3 are much better this one was mostly talk/a teaser and I found the dialogue though the actors were adequate lacking (the girl likes danger so she stays, than she gets assaulted, and conveniently saved by Falcoln) btw how long did one episode take to produce?

A!M all the way XO!!!!