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Puzzle Chain Reaction

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Level 5 10 Points

Complete Level 5

Level 10 25 Points

Complete Level 10

Level 15 50 Points

Complete Level 15

Level 20 100 Points

Complete Level 20

Author Comments

Your goal is to explode all of the circles on the screen, but you only get a limited number of clicks per level.

Only the mouse is needed to play. Optional keyboard shortcuts are R for reset and M for mute.

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Some hints in case you are stuck:
In 1click levels the start of the chain is where it didnt react because you 'cut off the start'.
In multi click levels you often have to clear the path of the main chain first and sometimes switching the click order helps because one chain cuts of the other. gl

made to level 10
i got to get to the rest of them
keep it up

great game!

I love this game. First of all it inspired original thought in me. I had a eureka moment and was able to shift thinking about it as a process to a hypothetical maze. This was immensely helpful and allowed me to complete each level with no errors. That being said, it was pretty easy. The simple gameplay and method are great exercise for the brain with a solution always close at hand. The music had to be muted, immediately. I have played games where you couldn't mute the music and am eternally thankful in this instance that I could. I don't know if it was your intention to have every puzzle solvable with zero moves left, but if it was level nineteen misses the mark. All in all, a fun fifteen minute distraction.

Really good game. Specially level 20 is interesting.