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Flying Chops

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100x Acorns 5 Points

Collect 100x Acorns in a single run

1x Over the Clouds 5 Points

Go one time over the Clouds in a single run

2x Piglets 5 Points

Save 2x little Piggies in a single run

5x Balloons 5 Points

Breaks out 5 Balloons in a single run

10x Red Balloons 10 Points

Breaks out 10 Red Balloons in a single run

1st Boss Killed 10 Points

Kill the first Boss

300x Acorns 10 Points

Collect 300x Acorns in a single run

3x Over the Clouds 10 Points

Go 3 times over the Clouds in a single run

10x Circular Saw 25 Points

Break 10x Circular Saw in a single run

2nd Boss Killed 25 Points

Kill the second Boss

4x Piglets 25 Points

Save 4x little Piggies in a single run

500x Acorns 25 Points

Collect 500x Acorns in a single run

6x Windows 25 Points

Break 6 Windows in a single run

3rd Boss Killed 50 Points

Kill the third Boss

5x Violet Balloons 50 Points

Breaks out 5x Violet Balloons in a single run

6x Piglets 50 Points

Save 6x little Piggies in a single run

Flying Chops Completed 100 Points

Flying Chops 100% Completed, All missions done!

Author Comments

Take flight with Flying Chops!
Save piglets, avoid traps and destroy all Butchers armed with jetpack and cleavers along the way.
Collect acorns to buy new equipment that allow you to cover more meters and get to the top!
Chops know how to fly, you had any doubt?

- One Touch Gameplay: simple and fun
- 40 different equipments
- A new Boss battle every 500 meters
- Two levels of flight: sky and above clouds
- Global ranking
- 16 different Medals
- Lots of Power ups
- Slot Machine to unlock power ups

------------------- CONTROLS --------------------
- Mouse or Spacebar to play.
- M to Mute.
- P to Pause.
- ESC to return on the Main Menu.
- R to Reset Level.

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@Optimos is 100% right. After being assigned to the 10 saws mission during an hour of playing I haven't been able to get that shooting power up even once. It's like the game wants to tell the player "screw you".
1. Most of the times when you hit the rainbow balloon you get nothing;
2. Even if the 3 slots do match-you get everything but the power up you need;
3. And even if miraculously you would get that power up you got absolutely no guarantee that you would get any saws to destroy before the bonus time expires. It happened to me many times before I unlocked that mission.
So as it was already mentioned by one of the other reviewers this is an almost pure luck achievement. Creating it as such is a pure stupidity and I very rarely describe it like this.
I got no idea what was its purpose, to force the players to visit the game more times than they should? For more revenue? In fact all of the other achievements - if the game was not forcing the player to get them in sequence - could have been obtained during a single playthrough, so that may have been the point.
As for the achievements - their placement in the sequence and their points value is also a bit of absurd. The one for hitting 5 violet balloons should be one of the very first ones since it is extremely easy, while for example hitting 10 red ones requires more effort - and luck. No idea what the author was thinking when planning it like this. Also collecting 500 acorns and saving 6 piglets would be easy.
As it was also already mentioned, the upgrades give you basically nothing except the ones giving you more hearts. The game itself tends to be laggy, especially in the caves for some reason, so any speed upgrades are pointless. In fact, why would you want to move forward faster? What advantage does it give you? Completely none.

And last but not least - the author himself failed to obtain that 10 saws medal.
Nuff said.

So I've not destroyed any circular saw in the whole 1 and a half hour that I've been playing, and you expect me to suddenly destroy 10 in a single run? Such a shame cause I was really enjoying this game until that point.

#Jetpack Joyride clone, lol!

Kawaii ^_^

This game would of been a lot better if "some" of the medals were not so lucked based.
Right now I am on 10 saws but the problem is that -
First I need to get a power up balloon to spawn
Second I need to get the lazer powerup
Third I need to hit 10 saws
All three of them things happening in one run is about 99% luck 1% skill

really cool game